Managing the nutritional needs of breeders is critical to their reproductive success. Supporting breeder health with supplements can result in higher pregnancy rates, higher calving rates and higher branding rates.

SuplaFlo+Urea+Phos can help set breeders up for success in joining, calving and lactation.

With a combination of natural and crude protein, SuplaFlo+Urea+Phos increases the digestibility of native pastures, therefore increasing dry matter intake. This can lead to a higher body condition score, improved fertility, better calving rates and higher milk yield.

SuplaFlo+Urea+Phos contains essential amino acids, minerals and micronutrients.

It also contains added phosphorus, which is important to breeder success, particularly in areas that are phosphorus deficient.

About 70 per cent of northern Australia is phosphorus deficient, which can lead to phosphorus deficiencies in livestock, reduced appetite and lower feed intake.

Phosphorus is particularly important for breeders. A pregnant cow needs twice the amount of phosphorus as a dry cow, while a lactating cows needs up to four times the amount of phosphorus as a dry cow or steer.

Supplementing breeders with phosphorus can help improve milk production and reconception rates in cattle.

SuplaFlo+Urea+Phos – with its blend of natural protein, crude protein, amino acids and phosphorus – supports breeder health and higher branding rates.

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About SuplaFlo®+Urea+Phos

Protein source
SuplaFlo+Urea+Phos contains 10% natural protein plus crude protein to help increase the body condition score (BCS) of breeders. You can choose the percentage of urea (3%-6%), according to your season and the nutritional needs of your cattle.
SuplaFlo+Urea+Phos contains amino acids, potassium and added phosphorus to support lactation in breeders. Added phosphorus is important for both reproduction and milk production, particularly in the vast areas of northern Australia that are phosphorus deficienct.
Our stockfeeds are part of the renewable sugar manufacturing cycle. They are derived from Queensland sugarcane and made at our BioEthanol distillery in Sarina from the co-product of our molasses fermentation process. They are affordable and in good supply.