Weaning is a stressful time for young cattle because of the sudden change in their diet from milk to solids, and the demands that are placed on a developing rumen.

Providing access to good-quality feed and appropriate supplementation is critical for weaner health and development.

SuplaFlo®+Phos is a liquid stockfeed supplement based on fermented Australian molasses. It includes a highly digestible natural protein that bypasses the rumen to be digested through the wall of the large intestine. 

SuplaFlo+Phos contains added phosphorus to address phosphorus deficiencies, plus essential amino acids, micro minerals and macro minerals to support developing bones and organs.

It is ideal for weaners because the micronutrients and minerals it contains are readily available, making them easier for the developing rumen to digest.

The natural protein available can also act as a rumen modifier by improving the microbial bug population within the rumen and assisting with the digestion of hay or pasture.

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About SuplaFlo®+Phos

SuplaFlo+Phos contains 10% natural protein – a readily-available source of protein for cattle. Natural protein bypasses the rumen to be absorbed by the animal through the wall of the large intestine.
SuplaFlo+Phos is fortified with phosphorus to address the phosphorus deficiencies that exist across 70 per cent of northern Australia. Phosphorus deficiencies can cause reduced appetite and lower feed intake in cattle.
Our stockfeed supplements are part of the renewable sugar manufacturing cycle. They are derived from Queensland sugarcane and made at our BioEthanol distillery in Sarina from the co-product of our molasses fermentation process.