We manufacture a range of oleochemicals to provide a comprehensive offering to our customers in the food and beverage, cleaning, personal care, chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare, mining, lubricant and agriculture industries.

Oleochemicals are derived from natural vegetable oils and fats, and provide sustainable solutions for our customers.

As part of Wilmar International – the world’s leading manufacturer of oleochemicals – we can access products from our facilities around the globe that specialise in the production of high-quality oleochemicals.

Depending on customer needs, our oleochemicals can be supplied in liquid, solid, flake or bead form. They can also be supplied in bulk tanker, intermediate bulk container, drums or bags.

Many of Wilmar’s manufacturing plants in South East Asia are certified to manufacture RSPO products on customer requests. Wilmar International takes its sustainability responsibility seriously and has had a formal policy in place for several years. 

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