In addition to our wholly-owned operations, we have a strong joint venture partnership with Mackay Sugar Limited in two sugar refining businesses: Sugar Australia and the New Zealand Sugar Company. In each of these businesses Wilmar Sugar Australia holds a majority (75%) interest.

The refining of raw sugar produces the food-grade products you find in your supermarket, such as white, brown and caster sugar, syrups, icing and specialty sugars.

Sugar Australia

Sugar Australia is the country’s leading supplier of quality refined sugar products. As the largest domestic customer of Australian raw sugar, and the largest exporter of Australian refined sugar, it services both the industrial and consumer sugar segments. This includes marketing the familiar brand CSR Sugar, Australia’s leading sugar-market brand that has been a part of households for generations.

Sugar Australia also supplies sugar products to the industrial and foodservice industries, including a full range of liquid sugars that provide a convenient source of sugar for producing food and beverage products.

Sugar Australia’s operations include two sugar refineries – located in Yarraville, Victoria and Mackay, North Queensland – and a packing operation in Glebe, New South Wales. It also operates a specialised food-grade bulk refined sugar vessel, one of only three in the world. With a cargo capacity of 20,000 tonnes, MV Pioneer has been designed to load and transport refined sugar around Australia and overseas.

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New Zealand Sugar Company

The New Zealand Sugar Company (NZ Sugar) is one of New Zealand’s top 100 companies and is synonymous with its consumer brand, Chelsea Sugar – a very familiar site on New Zealand grocery store shelves.

In addition to its strong retail presence, NZ Sugar supplies the sugar and sweetener requirements of the domestic industrial, foodservice and hospitality industries. In fact, the majority of the sugar produced by NZ Sugar is sold to well-known New Zealand brands for use in their own food and beverage products, from biscuits and ice cream, to preserves and beer.

NZ Sugar also exports around 20% of its product overseas, mainly to the Asian and South Pacific markets. This export portfolio includes blends of sugar-based products for the purpose of making specialised products such as milk formula in Japan.

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