For information about supplying your products and services to Wilmar Sugar Australia, please read the information below.

General information

  • New Supplier
    If you would like to engage with Wilmar to become a supplier of goods or services, please follow the link below.

  • Supplier Code
    All Wilmar suppliers are required to comply with our Supplier Code. Suppliers must ensure there is no exploitation of peoples’ rights within their operations, and respect the natural environment and local communities.

  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
    Wilmar has standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions that we require suppliers to accept without alteration.
    Please note: Suppliers are not to commence any work on a Wilmar site until they have a valid Purchase Order.

  • Wilmar Sugar Supplier Credit Application information
    We do not complete supplier credit applications. Please use the below information to complete your credit application and set Wilmar up as a customer.

  • BioEthanol Supplier Credit Application Information
    We do not complete supplier credit applications. Please use the below information to complete your credit application and set Wilmar BioEthanol up as a customer.

  • Accounts payable
    All invoices are to be sent to Wilmar's Accounts Payable department for processing and must be in a PDF format with the Purchase Order number clearly displayed. Invoices without a valid Purchase Order number may be rejected. Invoices may only be rendered on or after delivery or performance of the relevant deliverables.

    As invoice attachments are system processed, only one invoice can be attached per email and the invoice must be the first document attached to the email. Multiple invoice attachments will result in only the first invoice being processed automatically and processing of the other invoices may be delayed. Please do not send multiple copies of invoices.

    Invoices should be sent to au.apinv@my.wilmar-intl.com. For any queries, please contact au.apquery@my.wilmar-intl.com or call 1800 778 863 (9:00am to 6:00 pm AEDST).

  • Bank account verification process
    Wilmar Sugar will seek verification of your bank account details as part of our risk management, compliance monitoring and accounts payable processes. We do this to improve security measures and manage potential fraudulent or corrupt activities. Read More

  • Site induction process
    It is a condition of entry to any Wilmar site that your company has been registered and is compliant in the Rapid Induct contractor management system. All contractor employees attending site should be registered in Rapid Induct. Prior to entry to site, they will need to be compliant for the standard online induction, complete additional induction courses as required to be competent to meet the scope of works, have a validated license register, and complete a site-specific induction. Failure to meet these requirements will result in refusal of site access.

    Registration occurs by contacting your Wilmar site contact who will determine your contractor type and add you as a new contractor. Once added and approved, you will be able to secure credits for your employees to be inducted and access Wilmar sites. Added employees will automatically receive an invitation to their listed email address to complete the required Wilmar inductions.

    If you have any issues, please contact the Rapid Support Team on 1800 307 595.

    The Wilmar Rapid Induct Administrator can be contacted via email at WilmarRapidAdmin@au.wilmar-intl.com.

    Please note there will be Rapid Induct administration costs associated with online inductions.

  • Updating your supplier details
    To update your business details, please email the information to Vendor.Master@wilmar.com.au

  • Modern Slavery Policy
    We respect and strive to protect human rights and work towards identifying, managing and eliminating risks of modern slavery associated with our business activities and supply chains.

    If there are any issues that you wish to bring to our attention in relation to our compliance with Australia’s Modern Slavery Act 2018, please contact Legal@au.wilmar-intl.com. Your communication will be handled in confidence.

  • Modern Slavery Statement
    Our Modern Slavery Statement sets out our actions to assess and address modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chain in 2022. The statement is also published through the Australian Government’s Online Register for Modern Slavery Statements.

  • Whistleblower Standard
    Our Whistleblower Standard is integral to our corporate governance and risk management framework. It promotes a culture of honesty and integrity in business dealings and creates a safe and supportive environment for eligible individuals to report genuine concerns about potential, suspected or actual misconduct.

  • Whistleblower Hotline
    Our independent and confidential Whistleblower Hotline enables employees and external parties to report concerns about our business operations and practices.

  • Privacy policy
    We continually adhere to a strict privacy policy to safeguard the interests of all our stakeholders.