Take a virtual mill tour

Our virtual tours let you step inside a working sugar mill without leaving home.

You can take a journey through the sugar-making process and see how sugarcane is transformed into raw sugar, or just check out the parts of the factory that interest you most.

We created these virtual tours to meet the demand for an interactive, online visitor experience. They're also an opportunity to showcase our operations and the sugar industry more broadly.

We have two VR tours in our library: Macknade Mill in the Herbert region and Pioneer Mill in the Burdekin region. Step inside and take a look around.

Macknade Mill
Macknade Mill, located in the Herbert region, is the oldest continuously operating sugar mill in Australia. It's also the only mill to have a golf course within its grounds. The factory processes an average of 1.5 million tonnes of sugarcane each year to manufacture about 191,000 tonnes of raw sugar. Come check it out.
Pioneer Mill
Pioneer Mill, located in the Burdekin region, has been in operation since 1884. It processes an average of 1.7 million tonnes of sugarcane each year to manufacture about 260,000 tonnes of raw sugar. It also has a large powerhouse that generates green energy for Queensland homes. Take a look around.