Sugar market commentary

Hear directly from our global desk as Senior Sugar Trader Peter Bingham shares the latest developments in the global sugar market in these bite-sized updates. Check back regularly for the latest episode.

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Pool performance

We’re committed to transparency in reporting. Each quarter we report Wilmar and QSL’s pool price performance and associated marketing fees. The figures you see are the same as those published in other official reporting channels. They also mirror the actual amount paid to growers.

Forward pricing

When we introduced forward pricing in 2008, it was to offer growers greater control over their cane price, including the opportunity to capture potentially attractive prices in the sugar market. But does forward pricing really make a difference? We did some analysis to find out.

Payment options

We provide a number of flexible advances options to cater for the preferred cash flow timing of growers' businesses.  Find out more about these payments below. 

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