Our Bio Dunder® liquid fertilisers are convenient, sustainable and BMP compliant. Backed by decades of R&D, they provide primary producers with a precise and efficient fertilising solution. Our fertilisers are used for a range of crops, from sugarcane, corn and beans, to drip irrigated horticulture and mangoes.

Bio Dunder is much more than your average fertiliser. It is a plant-based liquid fertiliser that delivers a comprehensive nutrient package of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur (NPKS), plus 9% organic carbon. Bio Dunder provides an average of 300-400kg per hectare of organic carbon, as well as calcium, magnesium and trace amounts of copper, zinc, iron and manganese. Organic carbon works to release nutrients from the soil so they can be taken up by the plant. 

Our large range of liquid fertilisers are matched to crop needs and soil types and applied by experienced local contractors. They use variable rate and GPS-controlled applicators. This allows for the precise application of a targeted rate of Bio Dunder product to several rows in a single pass, minimising compaction and disturbance to the soil. This efficient application service also saves growers time, reducing their labour and machinery requirements.

Bio Dunder fertilisers are part of a unique renewable cycle that starts with Queensland sugarcane. Molasses produced in the sugar milling process is fermented at our BioEthanol distillery at Sarina. Bio Dunder is a co-product of the fermentation process. The cycle is completed when Bio Dunder is applied to the next sugarcane crop, returning key nutrients, trace elements and organic carbon that would otherwise have been lost.

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