The Queensland Government’s Reef protection regulations address land-based sources of water pollution to the Great Barrier Reef, including nutrient and sediment run-off from farms.

Under the regulations, sugarcane growers need to comply with agricultural standards, as well as create and maintain records.

Our fertiliser products

When used correctly, our sustainable fertilisers comply with Reef protection regulations.

Farmers can match the right nutrient formulation to their soil test results, and the fertiliser is precision-applied to the crop by a professional contractor.

Bio Dunder liquid fertilisers can be surface banded under pressure to the crop row or subsurface banded using a stool splitter. In both cases, the liquid fertiliser is applied under pressure; it is not broadcast, and it is not applied to the inter-row. 

Over the years, a large amount of trial work has been done to compare the nutrient run-off results of granular fertiliser applied sub-surface and Bio Dunder liquid fertiliser applied to the surface. We plenty of evidence to show that there are no significant nutrient losses when Bio Dunder liquid fertilisers are surface applied.

The results of this trial work – and the fact that Bio Dunder liquid fertilisers have been specifically formulated to be on top of the soil – is why our liquid fertilisers are permitted for surface application on the crop row under the current Reef protection regulations.

Delivery reports

To help farmers meet their record keeping obligations under Reef protection regulations, we provide detailed fertiliser delivery reports with essential reporting data.

Since July 2020, we have emailed farmers a fertiliser delivery report within three days of application. This helps them meet the legislative requirement to have made a record within three days of fertiliser being applied to their farm.

At the end of the season, we email growers a whole-of-season fertiliser delivery report that summarises their fertiliser application data for the year.

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