We are Australia’s largest sugar miller
We own eight sugar mills in the Herbert, Burdekin, Proserpine and Plane Creek regions of Queensland.
Cane transport
We operate Queensland's third largest rail network boasting 1,600km of track, a fleet of 80 locomotives and 18,000 cane bins.
We produce molasses as part of the sugar manufacturing process.
We farm about 6,600 hectares of agricultural land in Queensland, producing around 500,000 tonnes of cane.
Sugar manufacturing
We are Australia’s largest raw sugar producer, with eight factories in North and Central Queensland producing more than half of Australia's raw sugar.
Sugar marketing
We sell and ship the sugar we make all over the globe. We are part of the Wilmar International group - one of the world’s largest sugar traders.

 Raw sugar production is the core of our business. We are Australia’s largest producer and have a proven commitment to innovation, sustainability and safety.

We own and operate eight sugar mills in North and Central Queensland and together they manufacture more than half of Australia’s raw sugar. Each year we crush about 15 million tonnes of sugarcane to make more than two million tonnes of raw sugar. About 80 per cent of the raw sugar we produce is shipped to overseas markets.

As part of the sugar manufacturing process, our mills produce:
Bagasse – the fibrous material left after the cane has been crushed
Molasses – the syrup remaining after sugar crystals have been formed.

Bagasse and molasses are both turned into renewable energy products. Bagasse is burnt in large boilers to generate steam to power our factory processes, as well as additional electricity for the national power grid. Molasses is fermented in a unique biostil process to produce ethanol for fuel and other products.

We operate one of Queensland’s largest rail networks to transport sugarcane to our mills.

We also manage our own farms that supply sugarcane to our mills and contribute heavily to industry research and development.