Wilmar’s stockfeed business specialises in manufacturing liquid supplements for Australian grazing cattle.

We offer a range of supplements to suit graziers’ needs, including products with or without urea and options approved for use in certified organic production systems. Our range is formulated to improve herd productivity and condition by providing protein and essential nutrients to improve rumen function.

Our SuplaFlo® products are derived from 100 per cent Australian sugarcane and produced at our BioEthanol distillery in Sarina. Here, the sugar milling by-product, molasses, is fermented to produce BioEthanol for fuel and industrial uses.

Yeast used in the distillery’s fermentation process remains in the co-product that forms the base for Wilmar’s liquid stockfeed supplements. This yeast provides a valuable source of trace elements, amino acids, protein and energy to livestock.

Our products are:

  • Rain-safe
  • Flowable, even in cold conditions
  • Formulated with yeast, a highly digestible protein source for the rumen
  • A source of natural protein and essential amino acids, critical for lactation in breeders
  • A source of valuable minerals and micronutrients, to assist in optimal growth and performance
  • Convenient to handle, mix and pump
  • Naturally bitter – no concentrated sweetness
Why supplement?

Supplementing cattle can help improve herd productivity during the dry season, where reduced nutrition from pasture can lead to weight loss. Grasses in Northern Australia provide high-quality grazing while actively growing. As they mature however, grasses reduce in digestibility of nutrients and become less accessible to cattle.

Our SuplaFlo range provides a source of natural protein and other key nutrients to assist in the development of rumen microbes. Cattle with optimal rumen function can better utilise feeds and pasture, leading to improved herd performance and production.

Products by program

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Stockfeed products

Conventional stockfeed supplement
SuplaFlo® +Urea (3/4/5/6%)
Conventional stockfeed supplement with urea
Organic input stockfeed supplement
Conventional stockfeed product with added phosphorus
Conventional stockfeed product with urea and added phosphorus
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