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SuplaFlo®+Urea is a combination of natural protein and urea to help livestock maintain weight.

The Suplaflo+Urea range is formulated to improve herd productivity and condition in grazing cattle by providing a combination of real and crude protein, plus essential nutrients.

Urea assists in improving rumen function and will boost crude protein in the diet when feed and pasture digestibility declines in the dry season.

SuplaFlo+Urea is available with 3%, 4%, 5% or 6% urea. It’s also available with added phosphorous

When considering the purchase of a urea product, please read our user guide for important safety information.

SuplaFlo+Urea is flowable, easy to handle and rain safe.

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How to use our stockfeed

  • Storage

    We recommend storing your liquid stockfeed in molasses or lick-grade poly tanks, stainless steel or fibreglass vessels. For best results, these should have weather-proof, vermin-proof vapour vents. To protect against corrosion, avoid using concrete, cement or mild steel containers.

    Circulate your tank regularly from the bottom to ensure adequate suspension of nutrients and to prevent settling. Never enter storage vessels or confined spaces containing Wilmar stockfeed products without adequate training and correct personal protective equipment.


  • Consumption Control

    Wilmar stockfeed products are naturally bitter to assist cattle in self-regulating their intake, and help minimise the risk of over-consumption.

  • General

    We recommend you use your Wilmar liquid stockfeed within six months of production. Be sure to clean feed troughs regularly to preserve the best quality for your livestock. Ensure they always have access to sufficient roughage and that clean, fresh water is available at all times.

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