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  Weaner nutrition

Barrel weanerCommon limiting nutrientsWeaning is a stressful time for young cattle because of the separation from their mother, the sudden change in their diet from milk to solids, and the demands this places on a developing rumen.

Supplementing weaners with the necessary micro and macro nutrients is critical to their health and development. Phosphorus is particularly important for weaner cattle as it plays a critical role in bone growth and development.

SuplaFlo® is a simple, nutritious protein solution for young cattle. SuplaFlo®+Phos contains added phosphorus to support bone growth and development. OrganicFlo® is a certified allowable input in organic grazing operations.

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  • Nutritious natural protein solution
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  • True protein with added phosphorus
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  • Natural protein supplement, suitable for organic farming operations

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Why supplement

  • Support rumen development
    Good nutrition during and after weaning is important to reduce stress, support growth and help the young animal transition from pre-ruminant stages to the full ruminant stage.
  • Maximise growth
    Protein, energy and a broad range of minerals are extremely important for the development of young animals. True protein, containing essential amino acids, is easily digested and is crucial in facilitating body frame growth and weight gain.
  • Support bone growth
    Supplementing with phosphorus promotes healthy bone development in weaner cattle, as well as energy metabolism and overall growth.

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