We supply bulk sugar to some of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. Sugar is a key ingredient in many food and beverage products, from biscuits, ice cream and confectionery, to preserves, soft drinks and beer.

Our industrial range includes sugarcane-based crystal and liquid sugars, and invert and flavour syrups. We distribute these to our customers’ manufacturing sites, located in metropolitan and regional areas throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Crystal sugars for the industrial market include products such as manufacturers', graded and extra-coarse white sugar, brown and dark brown sugar, raw sugar and icing sugars.

Our liquid sugars provide customers with a convenient source of sugar for producing food and beverage products. We offer manufacturers’, fine and premium liquid sugars, as well as invert syrup, golden syrup and treacle. We also use our liquid sucrose to create 100% natural carbon dosing supplements for wastewater treatment needs.

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