Clean, sustainable energy

  • In 2019 we contributed 7% of Queensland’s renewable electricity generation
  • Our eight mills have a total generation capacity of 202 megawatts, producing about 620,000 megawatt hours a year
  • Two of the five largest biomass generators in Australia are Wilmar mills

Nature's battery

  • Bagasse is nature’s battery for stored energy
  • Each year we convert the energy in over 5 million tonnes of bagasse into renewable energy
  • The stored energy in bagasse means we can generate and dispatch electricity 24/7 throughout the year

Australia's largest biomass-only generator 

  • Our Pioneer Mill near Ayr is Australia’s largest generator running only on biomass
  • Pioneer’s generation capacity is 68 megawatts
  • It can operate year-round, day and night

Renewable energy capabilities

Point 4
We export about 311,000 megawatt hours into the power grid each year, enough to supply more than 68,000 Australian homes for 12 months.
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We burn bagasse to produce steam for both the sugar making process and to drive turbines that generate electricity.
Point 2
One truck load of bagasse stores enough energy to power two Queensland homes for more than a year.
Point 5
The energy stored in one stockpile of bagasse at a mill can power 2,000 homes for a year – that’s more electrical energy than 90 of South Australia’s giant lithium batteries.
Point 3
Pioneer produces approximately 53% of Wilmar’s total export portfolio.
Point 6
Wilmar could install another two generating facilities of the same scale as Pioneer.