Before we can crush the cane, we have to get it from the farms to our mills. That involves harvesters, haul-out vehicles, cane trains, cane bins and an extensive rail network.

We are Queensland’s third largest rail operator, with more than 1,600km of track across our four milling regions. That’s roughly the distance from Cairns to Brisbane.

We use 74 locomotives and more than 16,000 bins to transport the harvested cane to our factories – about 15 million tonnes of it every crushing season.

Our cane bins range from four to 10 tonnes in size and the locos can haul up to 200 bins in one trip. During the crushing season, locos work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Cane Supply and Transport team plays a vital role in managing the logistics of supplying cane to our mills, and the maintenance of our cane rail assets in the Herbert, Burdekin, Proserpine and Plane Creek regions.