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Barrel wet seasonCommon limiting nutrientsCattle don’t always thrive as they should during northern Australia’s wet season, despite lush pastures. That’s because pastures often have low levels of phosphorus, which is essential for bone development, maintaining feed intake, reproductive function and overall animal health.

Supplementing with phosphorus in phosphorus-deficient countries can improve productivity and profitability.

SuplaFlo®+Phos and SuplaFlo®+Max Phos liquid stockfeed supplements contain 10% natural protein, natural micronutrients and added phosphorus. They have been specifically formulated to address phosphorus deficiencies and improve livestock health and performance in the wet season.

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  • Rain safe
  • Palatable
  • Contains added phosphorus 
Supla Flo logo 2020 under50mmPHOS small
  • Rain safe
  • Palatable
  • Very high in phosphorus

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Why supplement

  • Plug gaps in nutrition
    Supplementing with phosphorus in the wet season can maximise growth and performance ahead of the dry season, and set breeders up for success in joining and calving.
  • Boost feed intake
    Phosphorus deficiency can severely limit the appetite and dry matter intake of livestock. Supplementing with phosphorus can lead to a 30-40% improvement in feed intake.
  • Source of urea-free protein
    With 10% natural protein and natural micronutrients, SuplaFlo+Phos® and SuplaFlo+Max Phos® are rain safe and readily palatable for young livestock.

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