SuplaFlo+Phos has been specifically formulated to target the largest mineral deficiency in Queensland cattle, phosphorous.

Phosphorus is important in all bodily processes for cattle. The major impact of phosphorus deficiency is a significant reduction in appetite, resulting in lower pasture or feed intake and, consequently, lower energy and protein intake for overall performance.

For growing cattle, the lower nutrient intake can produce lower growth rates, impacting production and profitability. Often this is the primary limiting factor for growth in wet season pasture diets.

For breeder cattle, the reduction in nutrient intake during the reproduction cycle can affect:
• The ability to maintain body condition, resulting in lower weaning rates and increased mortality
• Reduced milk production, leading to lower weaning weights

Phosphorous deficiency is a major issue for grazing cattle in Northern Australia, and during the wet season in other parts of the country, due to the low phosphorus levels in many soils.

SuplaFlo+Phos is a combination of natural protein, phosphorus and minerals to help address appetite-limiting phosphorus deficiencies or improve performance in the wet season. An option with urea is also available.

This supplement for grazing or roughage flows easily, even in cold conditions. With 10% natural protein and added phosphorus, SuplaFlo+Phos is a safe liquid protein formulation for young, developing rumens, and provides essential nutrition to assist optimal growth and condition. This lick foundation is also an effective carrier of other nutrients for when a highly supported diet is required.

Best for:
Young, growing cattle in weaning stages.

Daily consumption:
Typically 2 litres for good pastures, more for poorer pastures (intake will also vary according to condition of cattle and quality of pasture).

Open trough or licker wheel trough (reduces intake and wastage).

Use alone or as a carrier for additional nutrients, after consulting a nutritionist. 


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How to use our stockfeed

  • Storage

    We recommend storing your liquid stockfeed in molasses or lick-grade poly tanks, stainless steel or fibreglass vessels. For best results, these should have weather-proof, vermin-proof vapour vents. To protect against corrosion, avoid using concrete, cement or mild steel containers.

    Circulate your tank monthly from the bottom to ensure adequate suspension of nutrients and to prevent settling. Never enter storage vessels or confined spaces containing Wilmar stockfeed products without adequate training and correct personal protective equipment.


  • Consumption Control

    Wilmar stockfeed products are naturally bitter to assist cattle in self-regulating their intake, and help minimise the risk of over-consumption.

  • General

    We recommend you use your Wilmar liquid stockfeed within six months of production. Be sure to clean feed troughs regularly to preserve the best quality for your livestock. Ensure they always have access to sufficient roughage and that clean, fresh water is available at all times.