We’ve made good headway with the crush and our eight mills have now passed the 60 per cent mark.

Our factories have processed a total of 9.07 million tonnes of sugarcane, representing  62 per cent of the total estimated crop.

Unfavourable weather conditions this season have led to a downward revision in our crop estimates for the Herbert, Burdekin and Proserpine regions. Plane Creek has seen a slight increase.

The total crop estimate for the Wilmar group of mills is now 14.68 million tonnes.

• Harvesting conditions have vastly improved with the return of fine weather and weekly throughputs are increasing.
• CCS levels remain below budget with the seasonal average hovering at 12.7 units.
• The Herbert crop has been re-estimated at 3.89 million tonnes – an 80,000 tonne decrease on the previous estimate.

• The harvesting and crushing sectors made a fast recovery from the late August rain event and throughputs have been good, despite some persistent wet ground conditions.
• Factory availability has been good at all sites and CCS levels are starting to climb after being suppressed by wet weather.
• The Burdekin crop has been revised to 7.85 million tonnes – a 120,000 tonne decrease.

• Field conditions have gradually improved since the last rain event, with CCS continuing to rise slowly.
• Boiler 3 repairs were completed successfully this month and all efforts are focused on increasing throughput to finish the season strongly.
• The Proserpine crop has been re-estimated at 1.58 million tonnes – a 10,000 tonne decrease on the earlier estimate

• Harvesting conditions remain favourable and CCS is tracking just below budget.
• Pan 5 is now back in service and a big thankyou goes out to all involved for safely completing this $560,000 project in just 10 weeks.
• The Plane Creek crop has been revised upwards slightly to 1.36 million tonnes – a 10,000 tonne increase.

General Manager - Cane Supply and Grower Relations