The first of our eight mills has crushed out for 2020.

The last bin of cane was tipped at Proserpine Mill at 2.34am today. Invicta Mill in the Burdekin will be the second past the post, on Sunday.

Based on the expected final crop, forecast factory throughputs and no further rain disruptions, our other six mills are on track to finish the season by the end of November.


• The crop continues to cut slightly above the original estimate.
• Predominantly dry conditions have prevailed across the district, enabling the harvesting sector to make good headway.
• Based on the current forecast crop, harvesting operations are expected to finish on 28 November.


• Invicta Mill is expected to finish crushing on Sunday (15 November).
• Kalamia is on track to finish on 19 November, and Pioneer and Inkerman mills are expected to crush out on 26 November.
• Average weekly CCS is holding up quite well and very little rain is forecast for the region before the end of crushing.


• The last bin for the 2020 season was tipped at 2.34am today.
• The final throughput was slightly below expectations due to the impact of dry weather on the crop.
• The preliminary season CCS is 14.35 units.


• The crop estimate is holding just below 100 per cent.
• Predominantly dry conditions prevail across the district and average weekly CCS remains above 15 units.
• Based on the current forecast crop, we expect to see the last bin tipped on 21 November.

General Manager - Cane Supply and Grower Relations