Wilmar’s Liquid Stockfeeds team is getting ready to head to Australia’s premier beef industry event.

The team has secured a site at Australia’s premier beef industry event – Beef 2021, better known as Beef Week.

It runs from 2-8 May in Rockhampton and is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors.

Stockfeed Product Manager Atholl Flett said Beef Week presented a great opportunity to further establish Wilmar’s liquid stockfeed brand in the beef industry.

“Beef Week is only held once every three years, and it’s a hugely important event for the Australian beef industry. We’re excited to be able to showcase our Queensland-made liquid stockfeeds in this forum.”

Stockfeed Relationship Manager Tony Donnelly said new collateral and product displays were being created to promote Wilmar’s new SuplaFlo® plus phosphorus range.

“About 70 per cent of Queensland grazing country is phosphorus deficient, and Wilmar developed its SuplaFlo+Phos range to help graziers address that mineral deficiency.

“Beef Week is an ideal opportunity to promote the benefits of SuplaFlo+Phos for herd health and breeder success.”