For Brazilian-born Glauco and Gabriel, North Queensland already feels like home.

Both Glauco Defendi and Gabriel Pinherio joined our AgServices team as agronomists in April, and relocated to the Mackay region to be based out of the Sarina Distillery offices.

Gabriel, who has a degree as an Agronomist Engineer and who spent the last two years on the Gold Coast studying leadership and management, said he was enjoying being surrounded by nature in his new locale.

“I spent the early years of my career working for Brazilian sugar company, Raizen, so it’s nice to be around sugarcane again,” Gabriel said.

“I am proud of being part of a team that provides a challenging and dynamic work atmosphere and at the same time provides me a feeling of being part of a big family.”   

It’s a sentiment echoed by Glauco, who said: “In the short period of time I’ve been in the region, I’ve already asked myself why it took me so long to make the move to Queensland.”

Glauco joins the Wilmar AgServices team following a 14-year stint living in New Zealand, where he was national sales manager for a liquid biological fertiliser company.

“I was born in the south of Brazil and I studied a bachelor in international business and logistics,” Glauco said.

“After I moved to New Zealand, I specialised in agriculture, soil biology and animal health.

“Having seen the damage straight fertilisers do to the soil and their impact in the soil microbiology, I decided to work with biological fertilisers and help farmers have better soils, better crops and more profit.

“I’m very excited to work with Bio Dunder®, which is a plant-based fertiliser with a great amount of organic carbon, yeast and unfermented complex sugars that are valuable for soil health.”

Bio Dunder is produced at our Sarina Distillery as a co-product of the ethanol distilling process, and contains potassium, sodium, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sulphur. This Bio Dunder base is mixed with nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur to make 80 different fertiliser blends, tailored to the needs of individual customers.