Our new stockfeed product range targets the largest mineral deficiency in Queensland cattle – phosphorus. 

SuplaFlo®+Phos is Wilmar’s trusted SuplaFlo natural protein liquid supplement, with added phosphorus. 

Stockfeed Product Manager Liana Lillford said about 70 per cent of northern Australia was phosphorus deficient, which can lead to phosphorus deficiencies in livestock. 

“The major impact of phosphorus deficiency is a significant reduction in appetite, resulting in lower pasture or feed intake and, consequently, lower energy and protein intake,” she said. 

“For this reason, phosphorous is particularly important for breeder cattle, as it helps to improve milk production and reconception rates. 

“A lactating cow requires up to four times more phosphorus than a dry cow or steer, so breeders can benefit from phosphorus supplementation.” 

Ms Lillford said Wilmar AgServices had run a number of trials since 2017 to confirm the effectiveness of SuplaFlo+Phos on livestock health and performance. 

“We’ve run trials in different regions of Queensland and across various cattle classes. Those trials have proven the production benefits of the product, as well as the positive economic return to the grazier.” 

Ms Lillford said SuplaFlo+Phos was derived from sugarcane and proudly made at Sarina in Queensland. 

“SuplaFlo+Phos is based on 100 per cent Australian fermented molasses and fortified with phosphorus. 

“It contains highly digestible yeast-based protein and essential amino acids to support better livestock health and nutrition.” 

Urea options are available through the SuplaFlo+Urea+Phos range.
Ms Lillford said Wilmar’s Liquid Stockfeed Supplements were flowable, rain-safe and in good supply. 

They are available through Wilmar AgServices at Sarina, or at selected CRT and Nutrien stores across Queensland.