We’ve passed our first milestone for the 2020 crush.

Our mills have now processed a total of 3.93 million tonnes of cane, which is more than a quarter of the estimated 15.07 million tonne crop.

Wet weather delayed the start dates for most of our milling regions and widespread rain put the brakes on crushing operations at all eight of our mills in late July.

With more rain forecast for Friday, our focus is on maximising cane supply and crushing operations as weather permits.


  • Rain has hampered harvesting and crushing operations since the season start, and we are closely monitoring our bagasse fuel levels.
  • Improved field conditions this week have resulted in more continuous cane supply and better daily throughputs.
  • The Herbert crop is cutting close to original estimate. Average CCS levels are slightly below forecast, but rising steadily.


  • Wet weather had a significant impact on harvesting operations during the latter half of July, causing all four Burdekin sites to shut down for several days.
  • We took the opportunity to complete steam-off works during the wet weather stop.
  • All mills have resumed crushing. We’re seeing good throughput rates and average CCS returning to pre-rain levels.


  • Rain caused a few days of lost time in late July, but cane supply is picking up as field conditions dry out.
  • With more rain predicted this week, we postponed Wednesday’s planned maintenance stop in order to maximise harvesting and crushing opportunities.
  • Average CCS is continuing to improve and the crop is now cutting slightly above estimate.


  • We stopped factory operations on Wednesday for planned cleaning and maintenance, and to enable crews to reinstate the shredder master turbine gearbox.
  • There has been a welcome spike in CCS levels over the past fortnight. CCS is now tracking much closer to forecast.
  • We’ve also seen welcome improvements in yield and the Plane Creek crop is cutting closer to estimate.