Use the chart below to help determine which Alcool product might best suit your needs, based on the desired freezing point.

Please note that the product percentages listed refer to the percentage of Alcool and Alcool LF, not ethanol. For example, if you require a freezing point of -16°C, your system would need 35% Alcool LF to reach this temperature while maintaining a non-flammable rated storage system.

Alcool product comparison chart 

Alcool Product Comparison Chart 600w

Thermal Conductivity
– Alcool LF/Water Solutions

Thermal Conductivity 1 table 600w

Thermal Conductivity 2 table 600w

Specific Heat
– Alcool LF/Water Solutions

Specific Heat 1 table 600w

Viscosity Ethanol table 600ww

Physical Properties
– Alcool LF/Water Solutions

Physical Properties table 600w

Viscosity Comparison
(Alcool LF/Water Solutions vs Ethanol/Water Solutions)

Viscosity Alcool LF/Water Solutions

Viscosity Alcool table 600w

(The figures in this table are based on actual test results) 

Viscosity Ethanol/Water Solutions

Viscosity Ethanol table 600w

(The figures in this table are based on dilution of 100% Ethanol - Alcool is only 90% by volume ethanol. No correction has been made to the figures to allow for this)

Viscosity, Densities and
Refractive Index – Alcool LF

 Viscosity Densities 600w

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