Developed to meet the specific needs of the winery and refrigeration industries, our Alcool products offer a non-flammable antifreeze solution compatible with all current brine systems. With complimentary laboratory analysis and technical advice, and a range of package sizes and formulations to choose from, there are many reasons our customers choose Alcool. 

 alcool-safe-brine SAFETY FOCUSED 

Alcool refrigeration systems are the safest way to achieve optimum refrigeration temperatures while maintaining a non-flammable storage environment.

alcool-anti corrosive-brine INHIBITS CORROSION

The Alcool range of products contains a corrosion inhibitor to help maintain a corrosion-free brine system.

Alcool-leak detection-brine LEAK DETECTION

Alcool products are coloured with dyes to produce our distinctive vibrant brine. This makes it simple to identify any leaks in your cooling system. The dye can be removed from most surfaces with a little household bleach.


 your Alcool products facilitate a maximum freezing point of -9ºC while maintaining low viscosity and non-flammable status (AS1940). Our on-site lab team can  accurately formulate a brine system to meet your needs at whichever temperature you require, down to -16°C.

Alcool-cost effective-brine COST EFFECTIVE

The Alcool range remains the most cost-effective formulated solution in the market today.

 Alcool-ATO approved-brine ATO APPROVED

Alcool products are excise exempt and do not require a permit for purchase.

 Alcool-delivery-brine AUSTRALIA-WIDE DELIVERY

Our products are available nationwide in a variety of pack sizes, including 200L drums, 1000L IBCs and bulk tankers.

 icon conservation SUSTAINABLE INPUTS

The ethanol used in Alcool products is made from bioethanol, a renewable product derived from molasses, which is produced in the manufacturing of sugar. (Alcool NF does not contain ethanol and is manufactured from 100% imported products).  

Alcool-food safe-brine  FOOD SAFE OPTIONS

Under HACCP certification, having a foodgrade refrigeration system can give food and beverage manufacturers an extra level of quality control. Alcool LFFG is manufactured with food-safe components.

Alcool-food safe-brine  MADE IN AUSTRALIA

Alcool refrigeration products are made in Victoria from locally made and imported products. The ethanol component in Alcool, Alcool LF and Alcool LFFG has been distilled at our BioEthanol Distillery in Queensland using molasses derived from the sugar manufacturing process. Wilmar BioEthanol is certified by ISO 9001:2000.

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