The 2021 crushing season is under way in all four of our milling regions.

Our Burdekin mills were first to kick off, on 8 June, followed by Plane Creek on 15 June and the Herbert on 18 June. Proserpine Mill got started yesterday.

We expect to process a total of 15.27 million tonnes of cane this season and manufacture about 2.15 million tonnes of raw sugar.

Our factories have so far processed about 10 per cent of the total estimated crop.

• Wet conditions have limited harvesting this week, and crushing came to a complete halt this morning.
• We have used the wet weather breaks to undertake cleaning intermissions at both Herbert mills.
• CCS levels are encouraging, with this week’s average slightly above budget.

• Factory reliability has been good and we are focussed on maximising throughputs by lifting crushing rates.
• Wet weather has been impacting cane supply, particularly in the southern part of the district.
• Yield, weekly throughput and CCS are all sitting above budget.

• Crushing got under way just after 10am yesterday, following some start-up issues.
• The factory is beginning to settle down and harvesting contractors are making good headway, with little impact from wet weather.
• The average weekly CCS is equal to the first week of last season, and is expected to reach comparable results.

• The factory has performed well over the first few weeks of the season.
• We have experienced some cane supply shortfalls, but throughput is increasing as ground conditions improve.
• CCS is showing an encouraging upward trend, with this week’s average more than half a unit above the previous week.

General Manager - Cane Supply and Grower Relations