Sugar is so much more than just a sweetener. We supply sugar for a range of non-food uses, and the applications may surprise you.

Agribusiness, brickmaking, viticulture and wastewater treatment use sugar to promote sustainable practices beyond food, and it’s our Sugar Australia Industrial Sales team that looks after these customers.

Wondering how sugar promotes sustainable practices during the manufacturing process for these industries?

Apiarists use sugar to supplement honey stores during adverse weather conditions, poor flowering periods and to stimulate colonies for active bees after winter.

Brickmakers use sugar to neutralise salts as a natural, safe and easy-to-use additive to ensure the bricks dry an even colour.

Vineyards can dose liquid sugar on organic fertiliser to activate carbon and stimulate microbes, which will facilitate healthier vine growth and eliminate the need to use synthetic fertilisers.

Wastewater treatment plants use liquid sugar as a carbon source to aid de-nitrification in the wastewater treatment process prior to its release into rivers, streams, oceans or recirculation into supply systems.